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crystal resonator
crystal oscillator
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
Constant temperature crystal oscillator (OCXO)
Voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO)
Clock oscillator (SPXO)

      Shenzhen Jingda Weizhou Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional engaged in high-precision, high-quality quartz crystal frequency components and products design, development, production and sale of the company. To improve the quality of products the company introduced advanced production equipment and import of automated testing equipment, has leading products: temperature compensated crystal oscillator ( TCXO ) series, constant temperature crystal oscillator ( OCXO ) series, voltage controlled crystal oscillator ( VCXO ) series, crystal oscillator ( SPXO plugin for DIP8, DIP14, SMD oscillator, series ) SMD crystal, quartz crystal resonator, HC49U / S, UM-1( - 5), columnar crystal, quartz crystal filter. Products are widely used in mobile base station radio, radar, communications equipment, microwave transmission, computer, audio and other electronic instruments and meters, boards, household appliances and various frequency control equipment, such as watches and clocks. Our belief: professional, dedicated, with the most reasonable price, best quality and first-class service, new and old customers for the service. To the potential customer demand for our goal seeking, integrity and pragmatic, customer first, to survive by quality, innovation of science and technology, to provide products and technical services. We wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign customers and manufacturers to establish friendly and cooperative relations.

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